My name is Laurent Gitton. I started my designer career in 1998 as a freelancer. Since then, I worked for web and marketing agencies, I trained creative professionals and I led cross‑functional teams. I worked for a wide variety of companies and businesses.

domains of expertise

As a designer, I can bring benefits to your organisation to solve issues on different matters. Here is a list of my main domains of expertise.


For 20 years my creativity serves corporate identities, branding, web design, online ads, illustration and photo retouching. Either from scratch or complying with specific boundaries, I try to bring new and valuable element to each project.


I design solutions which fit with the various constraints, the company’s culture and the service or product’s nature. A design should have a goal and should be efficient at it.

user experience

I aim to produce user experiences that match both the users’ needs and the product’s goal, designing services easy to use and which convert.

project management

I have an extensive experience in project management, either internal team projects or cross-functional ones, setting up adapted methodology to company’s culture and processes. I am specialized in Agile/Scrum project management, owning PSM I certification.

team management

I am used to manage medium size multi‑cultural teams, on site or remotely, using an horizontal method that each team member gets involved, motivated and constantly grows. I praise the team for successes, I endorse the failures.

roi approach

I have a ROI approach, putting design efficiency above all. A beautiful solution which is not giving a return on investment is a useless one.

online ads

I am an expert on online advertising, whether for B2C or B2B products and services. I design tools for SEA, display or affiliation campaigns, cross-device, matching the specifity of the received traffic.


I have trained many professionals on web design, online ads, design best pratices, photo retouching, from junior to senior level, as a consultant, in-house trainings or in a design school.

Companies I worked for

Here is a list of some companies I worked for during my career.

  • CloudIn
  • Domaine Cornulus
  • E-Nova Technologies
  • Fondation Carène
  • Jagvi
  • La Sitterie
  • Medianes
  • M45 BV
  • Pin AG
  • Quintonic
  • Sion Air Show
  • Syspay
  • Urbanbio
  • Variance
  • Vivastreet
  • Wings & Bridges